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Birds Around the World - Birds Around the World is a circle of websites providing quality information to either current or potential pet bird own

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Birds Around the World

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Birds Around the World is a circle of websites providing quality information to either current or potential pet bird owners as well as those who simply watch the wild birds. These websites provide important information on: 1) Life with a pet bird including its proper care and housing. 2) Breeding captive birds. 3) Genetics of mutations in color. 4) Blogs about your pet birds or birdwatching activities. 5) Life history of wild or pet birds. 6) Required supplies to keep pet birds healthy and happy. 6) Bird watching trip reports. 7) Photographs of birds, especially those in their native habitats. If you have any interest in birds, you will enjoy visiting these websites.



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   Cockatiel.com Awesome Cockatiel Photos Preview Go
Cockatiel.com is the perfect site for those who love their cockatiels and want the very best advice regarding training, nutrition and healthcare. You will also find interesting articles regarding cockatiel behavior and beautiful stories about the relationship between human and birds.
   Growth of a parakeet chick, and Parakeet FAQ Preview Go
I thought I had female parakeets until one laid an egg that hatched... since then, I've documented the growth of this chick and also put up an extensive parakeet FAQ and list of links.
   Home of the Harris Hawk Preview 1 review(s) — Go
Page about Xena the Harris Hawk

   WindyCityParrot.com Preview Go
We are your complete source for Parrot Food, Parrot Supplies, Parrot Treats, Bird & Parrot Cages, Aviaries, , Parrot Toys, Parrot Toys Parts, Lixit Bottles, Booda Comfy Perches, Manzanita Perches & Stands, Parrot Toy Making Supplies like Rope, Bells & Hardware.HQ Cages, Prevue Hendryx Cages, Travel Cages, over 200 easy-to-find-styles.
   Parrot Cages, Training & Supplies Preview Go
Parrot Cages, Training, Teach your Parrot to Talk, Parrot Supplies, Perches, Videos, DVD's Breeding, Diet, Food and more, African Grey Parrot. Macaw, Senegal, Amazon Parrots, Cockatoos.

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