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TheWhizKidz.biz : Arcade WebRing - Arcade Games from around the world! Lists great pages with details of completed arcade cabinet conversions as well as a

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TheWhizKidz.biz : Arcade WebRing

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Manager: thewhizkidz
Arcade Games from around the world! Lists great pages with details of completed arcade cabinet conversions as well as a wealth of useful information and conversion techniques.

Also listing eBay shops and parts for arcade gaming machines.

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   iTunes Downloads Preview Go
Download and comment on your favorites and even your not so favorites. Let everyone know the best of the best!
   The Mame Arcade Preview Go
This site is made to give information on building your own arcade cabinet that uses a computer built for MAME (Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator).
   The Torgo Arcade Blog Preview Go
This site documents Bobby's attempt at building an arcade cabinet in blog form.

   DKappey MAME Arcade Cabinet Preview Go
Steel Arcade cabinet with its original 25 inch NTSC rotating monitor. 2 joysticks with 6 buttons each, spinner, coin door and stereo speakers. Running MAME with ArcadeOS.
   Pacman based arcade cabinet Preview Go
My upright arcade cabinet, based loosely on the pacman arcade cabinet. Here you will find information on how I built it, and, as the project is not done yet, you can also input on the project.
   Logan's Arcade! Preview Go
Online museum of basement arcade that includes vintage arcade machines, slots and electro mechanical arcade amusements from the 1900's - 1990's!
   Logan's MAME Arcade Machine Project! Preview Go
Documents the conversion of a classic JAMMA arcade machine into a multi-game-machine with directions so that you can do it too!
   Neopets Shop Preview Go
Find great items like Neopet video games, cards, collectables as well as Codes.
   The Whiz Kidz Webrings Preview Go
View a complete list of webrings operated by TheWhizKidz.com. We offer webrings about gaming and electronics: Anti-Microsoft Webring, Apple-mania, Auction-mania, Free Games, iPod-mania, Nintendo-mania, Playstation-mania, Satellite Search, Sega-mania and XBOX-mania.
   Build Your Own Arcade Machine Preview Go
Discover how to build a full-size arcade machine which features a PC mounted inside a custom built arcade cabinet.

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