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Health at Any Size - Our ring emphasizes quality of life at any size, instead of focusing on weight loss. Sites cover fitness for fat people,

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Health at Any Size

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Our ring emphasizes quality of life at any size, instead of focusing on weight loss. Sites cover fitness for fat people, size acceptance, recovery from eating and body image problems, information for health professionals, activism to end the cultural obsession with thinness and discrimination based on body size, and the arts celebrating the beauty of diverse body sizes. We explore how to stop wasting time with diets and get on with living the best life you can, now.

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   Largely Positive - Self-Esteem Comes in All Sizes. Preview Go
Teaching people that their weight is not a measure of their self-worth and giving them tips on how to improve their self-image and self-esteem, even though they may occupy a larger body. The site is also educational in nature, dedicated to separating fatc from fiction and correcting the wealth of misinformation that exists about issues of size and weight.
   Kelly Bliss' Plus Size Yellow Pages Preview Go
THOUSANDS of resources! MORE THAN 3000 LISTINGS! Plus size fitness, sturdy furniture, BBWdating, maternity, wide hangers, seat-belt extenders, and BBW clothes, clothes and more clothes! Find everything needed to live large in a small world. (Let me know if you want your site listed too.)
   PsychPages: Some Useful Psychology-Related Links Preview Go
This site fills a unique niche on the WWW. It is a page with lots of links about all aspects of psychology and is very useful for all students, especially beginners, but also has a fat-acceptance focus. No weight loss sites here, but lots and lots of sites about mental and physical health at any size.

   The Full Belly Body Acceptance for Beginners Preview Go
The Full Belly is a collection of resources, exercises, experiments, new ideas, links, and whatever else I can create or find all designed to help you stop struggling with your weight, shape, and food choices, learn to accept your body, just as it is today, and begin moving bravely towards your biggest values and dreams. Many — but not all — of these exercises are in the spirit of either Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) or Health At Every Size (HAES).
   hungry4more Preview Go
African American women, weight and body image. Features important info on weight loss surgery, cosmetic surgery, eating disorders, self-love, self-acceptence.

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