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Anita Blake - A WebRing dedicated to the Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter books by Laurell K. Hamilton. All sites are dedicated in some way

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Anita Blake

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Manager: theodora_maffat
A WebRing dedicated to the Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter books by Laurell K. Hamilton. All sites are dedicated in some way to the Anita Blake Universe (Anitaverse). If your page is about the Anitaverse or its fanfic, humor, role-playing game, book reviews, commentary, mailing list page, or anything else Anita, send it in! As long as you stick to Laurell or Anita in some way, your site is perfect! JOIN TODAY!!!

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   Bully For You:The Anita Blake Fan Fiction Archive Preview Go
A soon to be vast archive of Anita Blake fan fiction. Please come read and share your fics.
   Taminy Ridge --- An Anitverse RPG Preview Go
Taminy Ridge is an Anitaverse-based RPG set deep in the Appalachian Mountains. It's cast base is made up entirely of created characters and we are fairly new on the Anitaverse scene. The RPG has some really hot writers and alot of potential for some great gaming. Come check out the website at the Site address and then check us out and join us for some great Anitaverse gaming fun!!!
   Harvest Moon Preview Go
A new Roleplaying game based on the Anita Blake series. We are very new and looking for all sorts of characters: vampires, were-animals, humans, monsters of all kinds are welcome! Come join and have fun!

   The Passionate Darkness of Sinful Beauty Preview Go
Get ready to enjoy the ride of the life time but tread carefully once you choose your role. Shall you be a powerful lycan? A seductive vampire? Or a pathetic little human. Either way all creatures answer to me, the Master of the City, I can both help you and hinder you on your way to greatness, it all depends on how carefully you act in my favour..And what favours you are willing
   The Jungle Preview Go
Fanfiction as well as some original stuff
   Leopard Lionne Preview Go
Leopard Lionne Jr. The site had to be moved, cause GeoCities did not have enough space. Bigger and better than before. Asher-centric, as per our usual.
   The Hollow Point Preview Go
An Anita Blake site with sections on books, characters, quotes,fan fiction,graphics,editorials, polls, lots of links,a forum,and more,you can submit art/graphics,fan fiction and reviews!
   AB:VH Fan Clique Preview Go
The AB:VH Fan Clique is a fan listing for those who are fanatical about the LKH series, Anita Blake Vampire Hunter. We offer a collection of animated graphics to display your affection for the AB series, a character, or LKH herself.
As the Casket Turns is my fansite for Anita Blake as well as a tribute to Laurell K Hamilton. There's a forum, links, an art gallery, and a photo gallery, plus some humorous stuff about vamps and some other surprises. Come on over and check us out...then stay and have a ball!!!! :)
   Jen's Place -- Author: Laurel K. Hamilton Preview Go
Come on in and visit Jen's Place. Read all about Laurell K. Hamilton's Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter series. Check out "the guide" for the best information on the seies.

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