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The Ancient Nile WebRing - The Ancient Nile Webring welcomes all non-commercial sites that feature Ancient Egypt from the pre-dynastic to and inclu

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The Ancient Nile Webring welcomes all non-commercial sites that feature Ancient Egypt from the pre-dynastic to and including the Ptolemaic era. If your site contains information on the people, history, politics, religious beliefs, mythology, gods, goddesses, archaeology, art, pyramids and architecture of this culture that once flourished along the banks of the ancient Nile, this webring is for you!

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   The Cat Goddess Bast Preview Go
My site features information on the Egyptian cat goddess Bastet.
   Winged Bast, a Cat Goddess Preview Go
A tribute to the Egyptian Cat Goddess Bast and mystical magickal felines everywhere. Art, ritual, history, lore, spirituality & magickal resources.
   Ancient Egyptians and the Constellations Preview Go
Ancient sky maps and relics show that Ancient Egyptians mapped the constellations. Sky chart 14000BC is blueprint for Giza. Sacred knowledge of Precession encoded into mythology and the Narmer Plate.

   Temples of Egypt Preview Go
My site is a tribute to the gods of Ancient Egypt. It contains (at the moment) temples to Min and Horus, with more to follow. There are also items on life and customs in Ancient Egypt, trade, religious practices, rituals, and so on.
   The Secrets of the Great Pyramid of Gaza. Preview Go
God's Secret Numbering Code of Enoch is in the Great Pyramid. The ancient Hebrew Inch is used to build the First Temple of God, in Egypt. Many more secrets lie within the walls of the Great Pyramid of Gaza.
   Gateway to Upper Egypt Preview Go
A tour of the 20th nome of Upper Egypt, which includes the towns of Heracleopolis and Illahun.
   Travelers Diaries Preview Go
An online version based on my magazine Travelers Diaries. This site includes informational articles on famous rulers, mythology, mummies, the Nile, hieroglyphics, the extraterrestrial theory, quizes, and movie reviews on Egypt themed films.
   Amarna Preview Go
A brief overview of the history of the development of the Amarna site hastily developed by Akhenaten through to the contemporary archaeological evidence remaining in hieroglyphs, sculpture and recreated architecture. This site is a companion to http://groups.yahoo.co m/group/nephthys. You're invited to join this YAHOO! Group, if you're interested in the background to th
   Mysteries in Stone Preview Go
This award winning site explores the mystery and splendour of life in Ancient Egypt. It is aimed at beginners and experts alike. Offers free email - The Scribe - which is accessible from anywhere in the world

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