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Amazon.com Associates WebRing - This webring brings together websites by the owners of Amazon.com Associate bookstores, which have lists, bibliographies

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Amazon.com Associates WebRing

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Manager: route66now
This webring brings together websites by the owners of Amazon.com Associate bookstores, which have lists, bibliographies, recommendations or reviews, and all linked to Amazon.com.





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   Olivia Salter Romance Writer Preview Go
Home page of romance fiction writer Olivia Salter. You will also find practical advice you need to become a successful writer or romance novelist.
   Associcates Preview Go
Easy and Automatic tool for generating world wide amazon associate links. It will be so nice web gadgets for your sites!
   Readers Cafe Marketplace Preview Go
The marketplace is for Readers Cafe Club members and others to purchase books and join awesome book clubs at a reduced prices!

   Animals in Distress Preview Go
An animal rescue charity in the northwest of England with two sanctuaries, we have a no kill policy. Remember your pet on our Pet Memorial page. Apply for one of our three awards. Send a FREE Electronic Greetings Card. Join one of the rings we manage "Animal Welfare Education", "Pets Are Not A Fad", "Vaccinate Yearly" and "Free Greetings Mall"
   Books about the Gulf, Iraq, and Afghanistan Wars Preview Go
Site gives an extensive list of books about the Iraq, Afghanistan, and Gulf Wars, currently available.
   Maison Montesera Guild Magie Preview Go
Darkforest House Magick Shop is a magical, mystical escapade into the occult realms. Indulge your mysterious hidden interests with a trip to the Guild House.
   FineOldFarts Preview Go
Bringin' you one of the swinginest spots on the strip; c'mon down and have a couple with the Rat Pack and maybe one of Jerry's kids will stop by
   Selafais Project Part VI Preview Go
With assosiation with the [Gods Dreamland] we will present to you the Selafais Project. A Cthulhian fantasy Landscapes project in 6 parts. With assosiation with the biggest bookstore in the net the "Amazon" we will present to you the best books about the Cthulhu Mythos and in general everything that has to do with fantasy , mystery and sci-fi in books in magazines and e
   The Technocrat's Intellectual Review Preview Go
A series of book reviews based on self improvement through education. Access all the resources of our 5 000 year old civilisation. Become educated in a little over one week. Learn how to save the world, become wildly rich, and subvert the dominant paradigm for less that the price of
   Brett's Book Collection Preview Go
Brett's Books contains the webmaster's reviews of books, including horror, military history, film history, among others, and links to Amazon.com for easy access to buy these Books.

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