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Alchemy Lab Web Ring - Alchemy Lab Web Ring consists of websites devoted to alchemy and the Great Work, which is nothing less than the perfecti

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Alchemy Lab Web Ring

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Alchemy Lab Web Ring consists of websites devoted to alchemy and the Great Work, which is nothing less than the perfection of all three levels of reality (the Material, the Mental, and the Spirtual). The ring consists of member sites dedicated to a variety of transformational topics, such as Hermetic sciences, practical alchemy, paranormal experiences, spiritual gnosis, mythology, pagan studies, the Emerald Tablet, personal development, mystical and quantum reality, and parapsychology.

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   An Alchemist's Treasure Preview Go
Info on alchemy, some
   The Masters of Inner Transmutation - Fulcanelli Preview Go
A comprehensive profile of the life and teachings of Fulcanelli.
   Alchemy Forum Preview Go
A forum dedicated to all forms of Alchemy

   Lixandram Alquimista Mexicano Mexican Alchemist Preview Go
Alchemy and Spagyrics practical laboratory developments
   Karma Flow Preview Go
this site is about spirituality and eastern philosphy , astrology, constelations, book of shadows, auras, chakras, psychic energy , karmic laws , soulmates, feng shui and yoga
   Ages of Alchemy Preview Go
We separated the elements, we found a new universe, we worked out the old dream of transmutation, we liberated the fire in the heart of matter and transformed it into bread, we found remedies for a longer life, we recovered the basic nature forces in the background (gravitation, weak force, electricity, strong force), we recovered a new universal valid age.
   Entheogen Research Association Preview Go
We welcome and embrace our brethren who explore the mysteries of the Elixer Vital, the Necter of the Gods. May all who seek find the answer, truelly within us all.
   Ministry of Individual Faith and Learning Preview Go
Reverend Joseph L. Coleman's site dedicated to the discovery of Individual Philosophy without the usual reflections of society.
   Proving Murphy's Law Preview Go
Explores psi probability alteration as resulting from interactions between Many Worlds quantum theory's alternate realities. Emotion causes metabolic increase which causes collapse events which in turn effect probability. Single particle interferance and electron orbitals examined as temporal interferance phenomena.
   Ars_hermetica Daily Email Intelligenser Preview Go
The site is minimal. A front door and a blog. I'm using it as a scratchpad-notebook on which to develop notes toward a new hermetic etc., a social-secular hermetic that recovers the missions of e.g. Bruno or Agrippa.

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