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Tesla Coil

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This WebRing is for Web Sites that have some content about Nikola Tesla or Tesla Coils. Tesla Coils being high voltage air core transformers which send long arcs of high voltage electricity through the air. COILERS UNITE!



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We are the largest supplier of Tesla Coil component parts on eBay and ship to over 50 countries. Tesla Coil items include: Spun Aluminum Torids , Tesla Coil Secondarys , Tesla Coil Primarys , Tesla Coil Transfomers , Tesla Coil Capactiors , Tesla Coil Reisistors , Tesla Coil Soild Brass and Stainless Steel Spheres , Nikola Tesla Items , High Voltage Insulators.
   Andy's (Le Magicien) Tesla Coil Page Preview Go
Tesla Coil theory/formulas. Design your system with an online program! Build Solid State TCs, Interested in Kirlian Photography? High Voltage stuff!!!
   Tesla Coil Preview Go
Pictures and description of my tesla coil and the building process from the standpoint of a newbee at high voltage.

   Experimental Coil Toroidal Secondary Preview Go
Experimental multiple wavelength toroidal secondary coil.
   Tesla Coil Design and Construction Preview Go
A comprehensive guide to designing Tesla Coils (UK based)
   Benvenuti nel mondo di SpecialLAB Preview Go
Quž potete trovare tutto quello che riguarda alta tensione, condensatori home made, esperimenti in vuoto, valvole, e sopratutto ...Tesla Coil!! Buon divertimento!
   Wyverrn's High Voltage Site Preview Go
Mostly under construction at the moment but there are some good pics of mr coil Preview Go
This page introduces the motivations and avenues for the advancement of creation on the planet. We intend to use product sales and cooperative marketing to further invention, creation, and art of all kinds, making everything available to our customers.
   Czech Tesla coil site by RayeR, also in English Preview Go
Tesla coil solid-state single tranzistor driver, MOSFET/IGBT halfbridge driver and vacuum tube driver with PL 504 ,RS 685, 813, GU-43B, GU-81M doing max 40cm sparks. More coming soon. Site is available in czech and english language. Vitamini classic sparkgap driven TC added. Latest project is my microSSTC - a 4cm tall coil
   Tjaco's design graveyard Preview Go
Solid state TESLA COILS and various other high voltage and power electronics

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