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Down Syndrome - This Down Syndrome Ring exists so that others can obtain valuable information regarding Down Syndrome and related servi

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Down Syndrome

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This Down Syndrome Ring exists so that others can obtain valuable information regarding Down Syndrome and related services, education, advocacy, law, medical issues. It is limited to pro-life sites related to Down Syndrome. Many sites are about a specific person with Down Syndrome and his family. The achievement of some of these would be astonishing even for a normally abled person. Some give information about the different forms of Down Syndrome, including Trisomy 21 and mosaic. People with Down Syndrome need a different environment to learn well. Babies with Down Syndrome aren't usually as curious as other children, and often, because of this, people assume they are retarded, and it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. Most people with Down Syndrome are unconditionally loving. Some of these sites that talk especially about the methods and results of Veras Kids, people who are educated after the model of Raymundo Veras of Brazil. The Montessori method is also particularly suited to their learning style, and a lot of early intervention is patterned after it. Accordingly these sites highlight early intervention programs (which, incidentally, focus on physical development rather than cognitive). More information is desperately needed in this area.


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Quinnster's page shows a typical boy who, much like Calvin (of Calvin and Hobbes), enjoys all things that come his way ---- for the most part. He does present his family with a somewhat tainted view point. Oh yeah, and he has Down Syndrome
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This is a story of how we met and fell in love on the Internet and where we are going from here. Also our kids pages, and links to their favorite sites.
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Baby Thea and her family a personal webpage all about Thea and her family and how they all cope with Downs syndrome good photo's good grafics see how cute Thea is and learn about her progress of her first year and more as she grows, how she learns, share her love with you all

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It is the homepage of my son Elias (17m, DS), telling his history and giving some links to interesting sites about DS (more to come soon)
   Down syndrome Preview Go
O meri jaan...

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