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Love Sees No Color - The Love Sees No Color Ring is websites linking together for the purpose of supporting worldwide racial harmony. It inc

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Love Sees No Color

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Manager: wr__tj

The Love Sees No Color Ring is websites linking together for the purpose of supporting worldwide racial harmony. It includes interracial families, whether through marriage, adoption, or blending. It also includes sites that work on the problem of lack of harmony among people of different races or skin color.


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   Scarletts Place Preview Go
Of all the webrings I have seen surfing on the net I think this one is the one most needed in the world. It would be a privelage to be a member or this ring.
   SuzyQ4U Preview Go
SWF in search of SBM in Atlanta area for online chats, possibly leading to more!!
   smk's web site Preview Go
my home on the web.

   Tha Mutt Club MultiRacial WebRing Preview Go
Forever Changing the Views of BiRacial Existence........
   Honestmind's Interracial Harmony Preview Go
Honestmind's Interracial Harmony envokes a spiritual peace. A collection of links and writings that promote peace, acceptance and tolerance of THE HUMAN RACE! We are all one, of one blood, of one world, of one universe.
   Worldwide Racial Displacement Preview Go
Discusses long term natural consequences resulting from racially displaced populations and what can be done to make freer, more viable human societies. Champions of interracial marriage will no doubt disagree with much of the content, but it's always good to examine different viewpoints to keep sharp intellectually. Links to a page with 10 short petitions for a better world.
   Thoughts of Love....by Kathy Preview Go
Original, romantic poetry about the greatest thing ever, love. The thread that connects us all, regardless of culture, religion, color, or location. Come meet me and some of my friends.
   Leslie and Parul's Relationship Site Preview Go
dedicated to internet relationships as well as all relationships
   Photographs and Memories Preview Go
An elaborate on-line family photo album.
   The Story of a PROUD Nut Case Preview Go
Sad at times, humorous at other times, but above all, I hope, an inspirational story of a strong, spiritual woman's triumph over domestic and psychiatric abuse. Site also contains nature photos and personal poetry. (Original site is located at www.crosswinds.net/~vdgaines)

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