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Paleo Sites WebRing - This webring is a collection of websites that feature Paleontology and Fossils, Paleoanthropology, Prehistoric Archeolog

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Paleo Sites WebRing

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Manager: tpcec
This webring is a collection of websites that feature Paleontology and Fossils, Paleoanthropology, Prehistoric Archeology, Evolutionary Biology, and related subjects including Paleobotany, Biostratigraphy, and Paleoecology, and sites that take you on a ride through the past and learn how life as we know it came to be and what it looked like.




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   Books about Paleontology and Fossils Preview Go
Site gives an extensive list of books about Paleontology, Fossils, and Dinosaurs, compiled by a geosciences librarian, that are currently available (in print).
   Top Paleontology and Fossils Sites Preview Go
This site is a list of websites about paleontology, fossils, paleoecology, paleoanthropology, biostratigraphy, paleobotany, fossil collecting, prehistoric animals, and related topics. The order of the sites in the list is determined by the number of votes and the number of hits each site receives by visitors to the sites. This is a great place to showcase your fossils and paleontology websites.
   Troy Britain's Creation/Evolution Locus Preview Go
My site is dedicated to defending the sciences of evolutionary biology and paleontology from the pseudoscientific attacks of creationists and other anti-evolutionists.

   The friends of the Speeton Clay Preview Go
The fossils, stratigraphy and geologists of the Speeton Clay (lower Cretaceous) East Yorkshire, UK
   Megalania Dinosaur Modeling Pages Preview 1 review(s) — Go
Reviews and information concerning model kits of dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals.
   Chris Nedin's Page Preview Go
Info on myself and my palaeontology research of Ediacaran and Lower Cambrian fossils. Info on the YEC/evolution controversy
   Dinosaur Cornucopia Preview Go
Dinosaur Cornucopia was set up to appeal to all people interested in dinosaurs, of any age. We have a news section, guest galleries and much more. Mirror site at http://www.geocities.com/CapeCanaveral/Hangar/6878/DinosaurArt.html
   The Dinosaur Studio Webpage Preview Go
An informative site as well as commercial site. We provide scale models,illustrations, graphics, etc. for exhibits as well as for the collector. Soon to be updated with a "What's new" page that will have updates on the latest paleontological finds as well as new products and exhibits we are working on.
   Fossil Collections of the World Preview Go
A site dealing with fossil collections of the world
   PalaeoWeb - The Paleontological Resource Directory Preview Go
A directory of palaeontological and fossil resources with the Palaeo Page Database, forums, news, articles and a growing listing of palaeo-links.

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