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Manager: cheepnis
Why settle for the worst, when you can join the First? As a member of the original premiere MST3K Web Ring, you will be directly connected with the largest group of Mystery Science Theater 3000 websites on the net. Join us! Join us!

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   MST3K-DVD.com - The Best Quality MST3K DVDs - Cheepnis Preview Go
These are, by far, the best quality recordings of Mystery Science Theater 3000 that you will find on the web. Accept no substitutes or the many copy-cats! Nearly every DVD has been carefully crafted from 1st generation direct-from-broadcast masters or BBI original tapes, and are presented to you at a low cost and postage-free! Stop by and see for yourself what you have been missing!
   Bookworm's MST3K and other creative endeavors Preview Go
Collections of things I've written or collected pertaining to Mystery Science Theater 3000
   Fevered Little Minds Productions Preview Go
This site is the homepage for a newbie MiSTing author. Basically, it's the showcase for the MiSTings themselves, but there's also a bit of general MST stuff.

   BobServo's MST3K Cage Preview Go
BobServo is back with his brand spankin' new MST3K site! Sounds, rants, reviews and so much more is in store if you visit BobServo's MST3K Cage! (Located on Route I-95 left of Michael's Art-Mart.)
   The Satellite - an MST3K Site Preview Go
The Satellite! Outlet for a fanboy's obsession, home to an ever-expanding library of images, audio, and video, a MSTing season, and a library of MST3K info.
   Flying Elves Are Back! Preview Go
Huzzah! Oh, bite me, it's fun! Hi-keeba! And lots of other things MSTie, including an episode guide, picture gallery, and more!
   Haikeeba! Preview Go
A deranged MiSTie fan's shrine to those he cherishes most in life. Lots of pics, sounds and more. Not for the weak of heart!
   MSTieGate's Website Preview Go
It's a MSTie website
   Gypsy_3k and the Satellite of Love Preview Go
a loveable site that needs to see some visitors or else it will become a deserted town...it has some neat stuff so stop on by!
   Matt Perri's MST3K Site! Preview Go
It's a growing MST3K site that I started for fun that will SOON have graphics, sounds, and text describing episodes of certain interest

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