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Babylon 5 and Crusade Fan Fiction - B5 Creative - Like to read Babylon 5 fan fiction? A romance with Sheridan & Delenn, Ivanova & Marcus? Parody of Garibaldi & Lennier? A

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Babylon 5 and Crusade Fan Fiction - B5 Creative

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Like to read Babylon 5 fan fiction? A romance with Sheridan & Delenn, Ivanova & Marcus? Parody of Garibaldi & Lennier? A poem with Shadows & Vorlons? Parallel Universe where Shadows win the war? Alternate history where Minbar didn't surrender? Speculative future with David Sheridan? A Sixth Season? Visit Babylon 5 Creative webring members to read some of the best Babylon 5, Crusade and Legend of the Rangers fan fiction. Have a Babylon 5 fan fiction website? If so join the webring today!

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   Cam's Heart and Soul Page Preview Go
My page is devoted to Babylon 5 and other sci-fi shows. It contains info, pics and fan fiction
   Nic's Babylon 5 Fan Fiction Preview 1 review(s) — Go
Short fan fiction by Nic, including an ongoing Susan/Marcus series. Links too.
   Sheshat's Online Library Preview Go
Fanfic for B5 and Crusade, as well as other shows throughout the rest of the Library, including BeastMaster, Beauty & the Beast, Buffy, due South, Farscape, Highlander, The Crow, Mortal Kombat, Poltergeist, The Sentinel & Stargate SG1. Submissions welcome!

   Galactic Anarchy: Creative Crossover Carnage Preview Go
An...interesting site where Babylon 5 forces do battle with Star Wars and Star Trek. Very funny site with some hilarious moments.
   The Station Babylon 5 Creative RPG Preview Go
This is an adult content role playing game held on Live Journal. Set during the middle of season 3 onwards, this is a fictional and alternate universe take on characterisation. Some roles still available. Must be slash and het friendly.
   The ISA Vortex Preview Go
Here is my epic crossover fan fiction series. It is a crossover between, Babylon 5, Crusade, and Red Dwarf. It includes regulars that are from my creation and other that are from the series that I cross over with. Come and enjoy it.
   Deborah's Stories Preview Go
Babylon 5 fanfiction, mostly about Lennier. Also a large collection of Silmarillion-based fanfiction.
   White Star 2's Archive Preview Go
Fanfics and other Babylon 5 randomnesses by the Vorlon-type Control Freak and friends.
   Betiel's B5 Preview Go
A guide to the races of Babylon 5, in Castellano.
   Cassiopea Moon's corner Preview Go
Contains my Babylon 5 fan fiction in both english and spanish. Adult stories, unconventional pairings.

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